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Add a cool looking sign that automatically shows when your business is open or closed and leads visitors to your business hours. Just add your regular business hours, vacation dates, happy hours and more, and let your sign do the rest.

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You and your business can
profit by these benefits.

✔ Engagement

Engage your beloved customers to visit your business.

✔ Low-maintenance

Once you have set it up properly, the sign does its job.

✔ Accessibility

Avoid a long way round to find your business hours.

✔ Free of charge

You can run the app with its free features forever.

✔ Digitalization

Display the app on a screen in your shop window.

✔ Customer loyalty

Avoid frustrated customers standing at closed doors.

✔ Flexibility

Add dates when your hours differ, like for holidays.

✔ Attention

Notes for periodic events, like happy hour on fridays.

✔ Promotion

Be cool 😎 and stand out from the competition.

You can choose from
lots of cool sign styles.

Thanks to the Open Sign App my customers can see straight away if I'm currently open for business.

Tom, Flower Shop Owner

Open Sign App
From $2.50
Free Sign
You have access to the free sign.
All Signs
You have full access to all available and future signs. Pick the one which matches your business.
Display Weekly Business Hour
Make your sign clickable and show your weekly business hours in a pop-up.
Customizable Business Hours
Customize your business hours for each day of the week.
Sign Animations
Wow your visitors with animated signs.
Customize Sign
Change the color, font and size of your sign and business hours.
Sign Positioning and Scaling
Drag and drop the sign wherever you want and scale it without quality loss.
Mobile Ready
Works perfectly on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
Special Events
Add notes to your regular business hours, like having happy hour every friday which appears in the pop-up.
Exceptional Cases
Add dates when your business hours are different, like company holidays.
Support the Devs
By upgrading, you support our developer team and ensure future optimization and feature development of this and other great Wix apps.

Questions & Answers

1. My business hours exceed 12pm (24:00) like going from 2pm to 1am in the night. How can I make it work? In this case you would need to set the opening hours from 14:00 until 24:00 and on the upcoming day from 00:00 to 01:00. In the sign widget it will then be treated as if you did define 14:00 to 01:00.
2. Are there more supported languages in the planning? Yes, we're going to support the most common languages within one of the next updates. For now there is only English available.
3. I have a specific feature request. Will you implement it? If the feature request benefits the app and a large amount of users, we might consider to do so. However we don't ensure that.
4. Are there more designs going to be published? Yes, we will publish new designs in future updates. If you have any specific ideas in mind, we'd be glad to hear about it. Make use of the form in the apps' support tab.

for your 

The app provides a super simple setup. You can choose from lots of cool sign styles and animate your sign for an eye catching effect. Display your regular business hours and add vacation dates and special events if needed.

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